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Website Security

What is Website Penetration Testing? Penetration Testing, often called “pen testing” is the practice of attacking your own systems in the same way a hacker would to identify security holes. This type of testing is carried out to identify hardware and software flaws with the aim of stopping future potential hackers.


What type of common threats can penetration testing pick up?

  • A database that allows connections to itself without authorisation.

  • Weak passwords.

  • Fooling the system into thinking you are a registered user.

The life of a hacker

Attackers’ use a variety of techniques to gain access to your system, but in a nutshell, a hacker typically:

  • Scans your system for any vulnerability.

  • Finds the vulnerability.

  • Exploits the vulnerability.

  • Accesses or hacks into your system.

Think like a hacker

Let us carry out the same steps, but with the aim of protecting your system. Our penetration testing is carried out every month and comes with an extensive report on our findings as well as recommendations to avoid any potential threats.

If you would like to stop hackers in their tracks, contact us for a quote today.


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