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Webstyles Connect

Our telephony solution is hosted on our Virtual Private Servers, offering you a mobile solution for your sales and in-office telephony users.

The system routes telephone calls over the internet at a fraction of the cost of other telephone systems. This service includes many features available in proprietary PBX systems: voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response (phone menus), and automatic call distribution.
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Mobile and desktop client

Unlimited extensions

Interactive Voice Response available

Call recordings

connect to CRM. ZOHO and SuiteCRM

VOIP technology reduces costs

Webstyles Connect - VOIP Telephony Solution
Webstyles Consolidate - Document management Solution

Webstyles Consolidate

Collaborate across whiteboard sessions and video meetings With your team and clients.

The system allows users to share and collaborate on their files, photos and documents wherever they are. Invite clients to upload or share documents securely with you for a specific period or indefinitely.
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Mobile and desktop client

Powerful encryption capabilities

File Sync and Share

Edit documents online

Host video conferences

Integration add-ons

Webstyles Sentinel

Keep an eye on your business IT, know about downtime

The system can monitor anything that has an internet or network connection, from servers to trains and factory equipment.
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Mobile and desktop client

Unlimited extensions

Interactive Voice Response available

Call recordings

connect to CRM. ZOHO and SuiteCRM

VOIP technology reduces costs

ebstyles Sentinel - MOnitoring Solution

Open source business solutions

open source systems can be used as effective business tools. Open source software has gained significant popularity among businesses due to its reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness. Many open source tools are developed and maintained by a large community of developers, ensuring continuous improvement and frequent updates.
Here are some recommended open source tools for business solutions:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): SuiteCRM and Odoo are popular open source CRM systems that offer features for managing customer interactions, sales, marketing, and customer support.
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): ERPNext and Dolibarr are robust open source ERP systems that integrate various aspects of business operations such as inventory management, accounting, human resources, and supply chain management.
  3. Content Management Systems (CMS): WordPress and Drupal are widely-used open source CMS platforms that allow businesses to build and manage websites, e-commerce stores, and online content effectively.
  4. Project Management: OpenProject and Redmine are open source project management tools that enable businesses to plan, collaborate, and track project progress, ensuring efficient project management.
  5. Business Intelligence (BI): Pentaho and BIRT are open source BI tools that provide data analytics, reporting, and visualization capabilities, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on data insights.
  6. Collaboration and Communication: Tools like Mattermost and Zimbra offer open source solutions for team collaboration, messaging, and email services, fostering efficient communication within the organization.
  7. Container Orchestration: Kubernetes and Portainer are both open source tools that have gained significant popularity in the field of containerization and container management.

Running your open source business software on our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) allows for greater flexibility, control, and cost-efficiency.
By utilizing VPS hosting, businesses can deploy their custom software on a dedicated virtual server, ensuring optimal performance and security.
This setup enables businesses to tailor and modify the software according to their specific requirements.

Advantages of running custom open source software on VPS servers include:

  1. Flexibility: VPS servers provide businesses with the flexibility to customize and configure the server environment to their exact needs. This allows for the seamless integration of the custom open source software and enhances overall performance.
  2. Cost-efficiency: VPS hosting typically offers cost advantages compared to dedicated servers. Businesses can allocate resources based on their software requirements, paying only for what they need. This makes it a cost-effective choice for running custom software.
  3. Scalability: VPS servers can easily accommodate increasing demands for resources and traffic. As businesses grow, they can scale up their VPS resources to ensure smooth operations and user experience.
  4. Security: VPS servers provide a higher level of security compared to shared hosting environments. With dedicated resources, businesses have better control over security configurations, access permissions, and can implement additional security measures to protect their custom software and sensitive data.
  5. Performance and reliability: By running the software on a dedicated VPS server, businesses can enjoy consistent performance, as resources are not shared with other users. This ensures reliability and minimizes the risk of downtime, benefiting the overall operations of the business.

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