Creating an email account in Thunderbird Mail

When Thunderbird launches for the first time, the setup wizard will start. Assuming you don’t have an email account you don’t want to import.

  1. select Don’t import anything and click Continue.
  2. Select Email account from the New Account Setup
  3. Enter your name
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Select the type of email account as POP.
  6. Enter the incoming and outgoing mail servers as where "" is your own domain name.
  7. Enter your email address as the user name.
  8. Give this account a name.
  9. Verify the info on the summary screen and click Done.
  10. You may get a ‘warning’ message while your account setup is finishing. Click OK.
  11. The first time Thunderbird checks your email, you’ll need to enter your password
  12. If you ask Thunderbird to remember your password you will get a warning alert. Click ok.
  13. The first time you try to send email you’ll also be prompted for a password.
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