Your Webstyles account allows you to set up many ftp users, with different levels of access to your website, for the security of your website. The main ftp user is set up with your account in Cpanel i.e. the same username and password as your CPanel. The main ftp user has access to everything in your account including directories outside of your website. 

For each new/additional ftp user you set up, you must enter their level of access by entering the directory they can access in the second step of the ftp user set up in Cpanel. After the setup is done, the system will direct the new ftp user right into that directory when it login.

Please note the steps for Dreamweaver setup for these two types of ftp users below :

a) Main CPanel/FTP user :

Use below settings when connecting using main ftp user though Dreamweaver :

- Ftp Host : For this just use your domain name. ( ie., NO ftp:// )
- Host Directory : This should not be left blank, use 'public_html'
- Username : Your Cpanel user (which is also your main ftp user)
- Password : Your Cpanel password

Important Note : Host Directory for the main ftp user must be set to public_html in your Dreamweaver, or the files will go to the wrong directory.

b) New/Additional FTP users :

Use below settings when connecting using new/additional ftp users (e.g. [email protected] ) through Dreamweaver :

- Ftp Host : For this just use your domain name. ( ie., NO ftp:// )
- Host Directory : Leave this blank ( system will automatically login to directory this user has access to )
- Username : [email protected] ( i.e. the additional/new ftp user )
- Password : The password for this user you setup while creating it

Important Note : Leave Host Directory empty for additional/new users as the system will automatically login the user to the directory it was given access to when it was created.

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