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Domain registration and web hosting are two distinct services that work together to make your website accessible on the internet. Here's an explanation of each and why you need both:

Domain registration: This is the process of securing a unique domain name for your website. A domain name is the address that users will type into their web browser to access your site (e.g., www.example.com). When you register a domain, you become the owner of that specific web address for a set period, typically one year or more. Domain registration requires paying a registration fee to a domain registrar, who manages the domain on your behalf.

Why you need it: A domain name is essential as it provides a recognizable and memorable address for your website. It helps visitors find your site easily and gives a professional image to your online presence.

Web hosting: Web hosting refers to the storage and provision of all the necessary files, databases, and resources that make up your website. In simple terms, web hosting is renting a space on a server (a powerful computer) connected to the internet, where your website's files and data are stored. When someone enters your domain name in their web browser, the hosting server delivers the website's content to them.

Why you need it: Web hosting is crucial because it ensures that your website's files and data are accessible to visitors 24/7. It provides the necessary storage, bandwidth, server resources, and technical infrastructure needed to run your website smoothly.

Difference between domain registration and web hosting:
- Domain registration is about securing and owning a unique web address for your site, while web hosting is the service that stores and serves your website's files.
- Domain registration is a one-time or annual payment, while web hosting is usually a recurring fee paid monthly, annually, or on a different schedule depending on the hosting provider.
- You can have multiple domain names pointing to the same website hosted on a single hosting account.

Ultimately, you need both domain registration and web hosting to have a functional website. The domain gives your site an address that people can access, and web hosting provides the storage and infrastructure to make your website available on the internet. They are complementary services that work together to ensure your online presence.

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