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Email forwarding is a feature that allows you to automatically redirect emails from one email address to another. It is commonly used to consolidate multiple email accounts into a single inbox or to forward emails to a different email address for easier management.

To configure email forwarding in cPanel, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your cPanel account provided by your hosting service provider.
  2. Navigate to the "Email" section and find the "Forwarders" icon or option.
  3. Click on "Forwarders." You will be directed to a page where you can manage email forwarders for your email accounts.
  4. Click on "Add Forwarder" or similar option.
  5. In the "Address to Forward" field, enter the email address for which you want to set up forwarding.
  6. From the dropdown menu next to the "@" symbol, select the domain associated with the email address.
  7. In the "Forward to email address" field, enter the email address to which you want to forward emails.
  8. You can choose to keep a copy of the forwarded email in the original inbox by checking the "Forward to email address" box.
  9. Click on the "Add Forwarder" or similar button to save the forwarding settings.

That's it! You have now configured email forwarding for the specified email address. Any emails received at the original email address will be automatically redirected to the forwarding address you specified.

Note that the specific options and steps may vary slightly depending on your hosting provider and cPanel version. If you have any difficulty configuring email forwarding, it is recommended to consult your hosting provider's documentation or contact their support for assistance.

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