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You will be billed the day you order and that same day at the end of your term. If you order a monthly plan on Jan 3rd, your next bill will be due and automatically processed on Feb 3rd. If you order a monthly plan your next bill will be generated and automatically processed that same date in the next year.

Some fee terminology:

Setup fee: single time fee charged at the moment a unit of specific resource is ordered or used.

Recurring fee for billing period resources: service fee for resource maintenance during the whole billing period; charged in advance the moment it is acquired and since then at the beginning of each billing period.

Usage fee: fee for each excessive GB of traffic or MB of disk space consumed over the user reserved limit; charged at the end of each billing month.

Late fee: accrued and added to an account when any previous invoice remains outstanding beyond the terms in our "TOS" (terms of service) agreement.

type of fees:

Hosting fee: The hosting fee is a payment for the storage space and bandwidth used to store your website content and make it accessible to users on the internet.

Domain name fee: The domain name fee is a payment for the registration and ownership of a unique website address or domain name that directs users to your website. The domain name fee is generally paid annually while the hosting fee can be paid monthly, annually, or on a multi-year basis.

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