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Established in 2007, Webstyles Internet Solutions have been offering website design, website hosting and business solutions for small to medium enterprises as well as a range of IT support services for just under a decade.

The Man behind the Idea

Webstyles was started by Lloyd Wilke, who has been in the IT industry for 9 years and specialises in network and system management solutions. He has also managed networks for 150+ users and branches spread across Africa. Besides running Webstyles, he also supports many social NPO’s with website design, IT support and IT consultancy services.

Trusted Services

We provide high quality servers and support network infrastructure, so you can relax knowing your clients are getting excellent response time form your site.

Tech Support

We are here to help with technical issues related to your hosting or VPS servers, or any of our bespoke solutions.

Expert & Professional

Our team have years of experience with various server and network technology stacks and are always looking for ways to improve your client experience.
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